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my approach to yoga

Loving yoga outdoors, with pal
I listen and adapt

Throughout my 3 years teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga, I really connected with Hatha yoga.


I loved that it allows me to gently, yet powerfully, release tightness, pain and discomfort whilst energising and strengthening my whole body. 


But just as importantly, it helps me to slow down, breathe and connect with my inner calm.  It’s the approach I use in all of my Yoga with Suzanne classes.

Yoga is your personal journey

It’s about you.  It’s about letting go, noticing how your mind and body feel and responding consciously.  It’s about understanding what feels comfortable, and why. 


It’s also about allowing yourself to deepen your experience as your body adapts to fluid movements and renewed energy.  Evolve and progress at your own pace and learn to find quietness, contentment and calm.

We are all unique.  Some days, you may feel particularly tight, stressed or lacking in energy.  Other days, you'll feel flexible, focussed and free.  But, you'll find I always notice, listen and adapt to you - perfectly tailoring classes to the individual.

Beyond the mat

To me, yoga extends far beyond the mat.  It's a way of living - an attitude to life and a feeling inside.  I introduce yoga concepts simply and progressively, making sure that its wider philosophy is accessible and easy to understand - both on and off the mat.


If you connect with a certain theme then great.  If you don't, that's fine too.  Embrace what feels right for you and move on - it's your journey.

My own yoga journey
Joyful living through yoga

I love that my own, personal yoga journey is still evolving.  After practicing yoga for 30 years, and training as a yoga tutor for 3 years to the highest level currently available in Britain, I am a fully qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher.


Yoga is very much a part of my life.  It has helped me to overcome work-related anxiety, develop my mental strength and find my inner calm after 20+ years in a stressful office-based career. It continues to help day to day with personal health and wellbeing - gently releasing tension, strengthening and returning to a state of inner calm, peace. 

I often think back to my very first yoga class, in the 1990s - the day I realised that I needed to let go of my perception of 'good' exercise as being fast, strong and sweaty. The eureka moment when I discovered I could feel focused, calm, strong and energised in a totally different way.  

I am still progressing and learning - listening to my body and adapting to what it needs. Teaching - sharing my own approach, experience and love of yoga - is an incredibly rewarding part of my ongoing journey, and I love nothing more than to welcome new and returning yogis to join me on the mat.

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